toontown??? nah what game what a — [trips] [hundreds of thousands of toontown rewritten screenshots spill out of jacket] w-what  a stupid game I these aren’t mine I’m just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen I just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of screenshots scatter across the floor] shit I’m holding them for a friend just listen 


people ask me whats wrong, but im afraid to tell.

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studying your ass off for an exam and getting a crap score 

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that feel when no toontown

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idk about you flips but im waiting for the fucking game to cooperate 

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showing up to your family reunion like

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 Backstage in Seattle

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rdjmpreg666 whispered: Please God, let me meet her. All I want to is to find that perfect girl I know exists. She’s sweet and shy and my age and likes all the things I do, perhaps even is on this site itself. The girl who won’t secretly think I’m a loser, the girl I can cuddle with (even if only possible online) and spent nights talking to and laughing and sharing happiness. Someone who can reciprocate the love I put in, the girl who I can make feel safe and secure unconditionally and can fill this gaping, empty void


Great question! Grown Ups 3 stars funnyman Adam Sandler and living legend Kevin James. Grown Ups 3 hits theaters July 10th, 2015.

urban outfitters be like


Trolley ride by the sea?

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protecting small toons in boss battles like